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Each edition we take a look at the latest releases from the world of cycling. This is what crossed BA’s desk this month.

New Colnago C68

Colnago, the legendary Italian bicycle manufacturer, has announced (drum roll…) the C68. This impressive machine is the company’s highest-end model and comes equipped with the latest technology.

With the launch of the bike, Colnago also announced a direct-to-consumer purchase option (‘from traditional B2B to omnichannel’, as they say), potential owners will have the option to purchase directly from the Colnago website or even from their app. .

The end result is a price range of A$17,500 to A$26,000 (depending on build options, exchange rate, and freight), for one of the bikes handcrafted in Italy.

A limited edition ‘C68 Road’ will also be available, this version features custom titanium components that are individually 3D printed at Colnago’s headquarters in Italy.

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Sennheiser Sports Wireless Headphones

We know that headphones and earphones can be a dangerous distraction when you’re on your bike, but this new release from Sennheiser lets some outside noise in to improve awareness. The German company’s Sport True Wireless headphones offer superior audio performance with what they call an “adaptive acoustics” feature.

Users can choose between open or closed earplugs, allowing them to tailor the listening experience to their activities. The open ear tips, in combination with the Aware EQ setting, help reduce noise and allow some external sounds to enter for better situational awareness.

There’s a battery life of 9 hours plus another 18 hours of power in the charging case.

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is available now for an RRP of $199.95.

Giant Dash L200 GPS

A dual release from Giant and Stages, the 200 series is the latest in the Stages line of GPS/computer units.

Available in two sizes, L (larger) and M (a mid-size unit), both models have full-color displays and an enviable array of internal features and functions.

Truly data-rich, the L-model displays up to 14 values, while the smaller display unit displays up to 10. With a crisp display and 11-hour battery life, this is a very impressive unit. We are currently putting it together and reviewing with more on the BA website soon.

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New Book: ‘Pain & Privilege, Inside Le Tour’ by Sophie Smith

The Tour de France: the race that captures competitors and spectators around the world with stories of human endurance, headlines of crashes and triumphs, and its breathtaking scenery. However, there is more to this event than what unfolds in the news for four weeks in July.

For a decade, Sophie Smith has been on the ground, witnessing the true cost of pageantry. With contributions from Caleb Ewan, Cadel Evans, Richie Porte, Robbie McEwen, Sam Bennett, Marcel Kittel, Michael Matthews, Matt White, and more.

Pain & Privilege: Inside Le Tour is a fascinating behind-the-scenes exploration of the humanity behind the show. From the policies and strategies of the riders, to the physical suffering and exhaustion.

It is available in bookstores and through online retailers such as Booktopia, as well as direct from Ultimo Press through

Fizik 3D Vento Argo Adaptable Saddle

Fizik’s 3D printed ‘Adaptive’ saddle padding has been extended to the Argo range. Unveiled at Sea Otter 2022, the new saddle features 3D-printed lattice damping similar to that of the higher-end Antares Evo Adaptive.

A power-style, short-nose saddle, the Argo is suitable for a wide range of riding styles, from road to gravel to cross-country MTB. Combining 3D printing with the Argo shape, the new version features ‘zonal cushioning’ to improve comfort and stability, and is available in 140mm and 150mm widths.

The Vento Argo Adaptive measures 265mm long, 75mm tall and has lightweight 7x7mm kium (black alloy) rails. Total weight is 224g and RRP is $370 (140mm) and $428 (150mm).

See your local Fizik dealer for more information.

Dropper post and Easton lever

A dropper post on a gravel bike? Absolutely! The EA90 AX dropper post and lever have been specifically designed for off-road bikes with dropper handlebars.

Tested and used in many major races and overseas events, the dropper post provides 50mm of drop for a lower center of gravity and to help get you out of the saddle on the toughest downhill sections of trail.

The post is suitable for a 27.2mm clamp and features solidly assembled mechanical internals and quiet operation thanks to spring-loaded guides. to the actuator cable, and can be connected from either direction for easy compatibility.

Easton also has a sleek and stylish gravel dropper lever that matches the post perfectly. Both are top quality components and highly recommended!

RRP EA90 AX post $585.00. RRP AZ Dropper Lever $129.00

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New ecological kit from Trek

Trek has launched a range of new eco-friendly garments that they say offer top performance while having a much smaller impact on the planet.

Technologies include the recycling of waste textiles from the manufacturing and cutting process and their use in shorts. Additionally, a selection of their new shirts contain fabric made from discarded water bottles that has been turned into plastic pellets and then woven into yarn.

How do they ride? Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to ride and review the new Circuit range. Presented in paper (not plastic) packaging, the jersey has a soft, supple feel and is very comfortable on the skin. While simple and minimalist, the jersey has a sleek, high-quality feel, and the attention to detail (eg stitching on zippers) is outstanding.

Equally soft and comfortable, the bibs are made from 77% recycled nylon and 23% recycled elastane. The chamois is Trek-branded and proved comfortable on several 40-50km test runs.

Overall, it’s a subtly stylish, on-trend, and ‘very 2022’ piece of kit. We found it to be soft and flexible while also looking great and working well.

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Finish Line Fibrelink Tubeless Sealant

Have you ever tried to count the number of tubeless sealants currently available? There are absolutely tons of them! So much so that one of the most popular questions in recent years has been ‘what sealant are you using?’

The main point of difference in the latest release from Finish Line is the inclusion of small Kevlar fibers in the latex formula.

We recently installed, assembled and tested it and in all honesty we cannot guarantee its sealing properties due to the fact that it did not puncture for a while.

That said, it is made in the USA, it is a fairly thin, low viscosity mix and therefore very simple and easy to apply. Finish Line says that Fibrelink offers stronger, faster seals for punctures up to 8mm wide. They also claim that it is a more durable sealer.

Suitable for road, gravel and MTB applications, the other advantage is that it comes in a handy 240ml plastic bottle with a spout suitable for Presta valves.

Ask for it at your local bike shop or visit


If you watched the Giro d’Italia on GCN/Eurosport, you probably saw the data updates from several star entrants. Riding with WHOOP monitoring bands, professionals including Matthieu van der Poel shared live data updates with the audience.

A wrist- or clothing-mounted device, WHOOP monitors sleep, recovery, and daily exertion throughout the day to provide insights and help athletes of all abilities improve performance.

Bicycling Australia is currently testing and reviewing the system and will have a detailed report in the next edition.

To learn more about this cool workout and recovery helper, visit

Koo Supernova Sunglasses

Ultralight at just 21g, Koo’s Supernova is a one-piece, rimless, high-performance goggle from Kask’s Italian sunglass arm.

Hand-assembled in Italy, they exude quality and offer a fantastic fit thanks to the flexibility of the single lens. After a recent test of a pair with white frames and category 3 turquoise lenses, it’s fair to say that you can barely feel these lightweight sunglasses on your face.

With a crisp, clear Carl Zeiss lens, they not only look great, they deliver brilliant, crisp clarity. The Supernova pair well with Kask helmets and have proven to be a sensational addition to the kit.

Order them at your local bike shop or read more at

Challenge Tire Mounting Tool

Tubeless tires offer many advantages over old school tires, but one downside can be putting them on the rim at the
first place.

Italian bicycle tire company Challenge has come up with a clever and simple solution to the perpetual ‘this damn tire doesn’t fit!’ problem with your adjustment tool and tire seat.

Constructed of a high-density synthetic polymer (which translates to super strong!), the tool is designed to be safe to use with beaded carbon and alloy wheel designs. It is also suitable for tube tires as the design prevents any possible contact or damage to an inner tube during installation.

Through one-handed application, the tool offers much more leverage and grip on the adjusted tubeless tire, and makes adjustment a breeze.

We have been using the tool for the past few months here
in the BA workshop and can attest to his ease, simplicity, strength and skills.

Quite simply, if you change tires regularly, this is an essential workshop, trunk or toolbox!

The RRP is around $30.

More in or ask for the tool in your LBS.

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