The Japanese government is concerned that young adults are not drinking enough alcohol

This requires a contest!

The National Revenue Agency (NTA) has a problem with young people today: they simply don’t drink enough alcohol anymore. According to an independent study, about half of young adults in Japan don’t even have a daily drinking habit.

That is a problem the NTA seeks to rectify. But how do you make younger people aware of the mind-altering effects of alcohol? This is a question that has long baffled mankind, and despite our best attempts, like Spuds McKenzie and Zima, young people just shrugged it off and called the liquor “squaresville, daddy-o” to use their parlance. .

▼ What else can we do?!

Some people might consider this a good thing, as it results in healthier, more productive people being less likely to yell at me on a train station platform for no reason. But these are all matters handled by other government agencies. The NTA is about getting those taxes, of which sales of alcoholic products are a rich source.

However, “Drink more, so we can get your money!” is not a great promotional slogan, so the NTA has opened marketing ideas to the general public in its Sake Viva! contest. Until September 9, anyone between the ages of 20 and 39 can participate alone or in groups of two or three to come up with new sales strategies that appeal to young adults. Anything is open for consideration, but the NTA mentioned that they expect an emphasis on drinking at home and using the metaverse for sales among the ideas.

▼ Someone needs to take all the fun and charm of going to a liquor store and digitize it for the new economy

The finalists will move on to the next round on November 10 and the NTA will implement the highest rated idea in the near future. It’s a great opportunity for an aspiring marketer, but news readers remain largely skeptical about the safety of alcohol and the NTA’s motives.

“They are also probably losing tax revenue from the drop in cigarette sales. Maybe they should also raise taxes on alcohol.”
“How many crimes are the result of alcohol?”
“No one can afford to drink. Work on that first.
“This is stupid.”
“Are they trying to make alcoholics? Just let the elderly drink and then pay in full for the diseases they caught as a result.”
“Not drinking is a good thing. What are you talking about?”
“If you want us to drink, give people more free time and spendable income. It’s pretty easy.
“Drinking has no benefits, but it does have a lot of harm.”
“I’m drunk right now, and I still think it’s nice to think less people are drinking.”
“Beer is just sour water and company drinking parties are a waste of time and money.”

It certainly looks like the contestants will have their work cut out for them trying to find ways to sell alcohol to this group of teetotalers. It seems that young people today just don’t bother to eat something that makes you feel great for a few hours, then really terrible for the next day or so.

However, I love a challenge, and after Googling “What do young adults like?” Nielson Norman Group informed me that young people like to have many browser tabs open at the same time. So how about a beer mug with a Bluetooth interface on the handle that enables quick and seamless switching between browser tabs, as well as other useful features for surfing the web, like downloading bitmap and midi files? It would have to have a built-in alcohol content detector as well so that youngsters don’t cheat and put wheatgrass tea or something else in the cup.

See you in November!

Font:, Hachima Kiko, Nielson Norman Group
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