Opinion: Book Excerpt: Here’s a Secret Sauce for Women’s Success

Publisher’s note: Springfield-based business consultant Dina Readinger’s upcoming book, “Think Differently,” offers strategies to help women find and frame the right problem so they can get out of their own way and create a life they love. Below are excerpts from the trailer.

Imagine you just found out that you are being laid off after six months from your hire date. Imagine you’ve just been told that the hiring manager picked “the other candidate,” and yet he’s great at what he does. There are no comments, hints, or indications to suggest that you were not the “perfect fit” for the position. You are crushed! You ask your boss, “What do I have to do to get promoted?” and he hands you all of his nonpromotable projects, administrative tasks, and articles that will advance his career, but not necessarily yours. Sounds familiar? Now you are really in a bind! Now he has more work than ever, he is exhausted, disappointed and unhappy with most things in life.

What if you had strategies for overcoming age bias, disparities, dealing with being overly engaged and underserved, and being used as a doormat for the success of others? What if you find out after you’ve done a leadership program that you’re assigned endless hours of unpromotable work, only to find that you’ve been passed over? What you thought was true was a lie.

the latest stat [from the Society for Human Resource Management] tells a bigger story. Women continue to leave the workforce and are having a difficult time recovering from a two-year hurricane of COVID events. From February 2020 to January 2022, 1.1 million women left the workforce, accounting for 63% of all job losses.

(This) groundbreaking book is a change in basic assumptions for working women. Think Differently, written by Dina Readinger and Sharon Weinstein, is packed with life stories from tragedy to triumph and provides specific strategies that answer this age-old question, “How do I get where I want to go?”

Women are tired of waiting for opportunity and struggle to create their own success. Women need to develop a new mindset, get out of the blame game and take charge of what they want and deserve. We are no longer the victim but the conqueror, and no one stands in your way except you, if you let them.

“Think Differently” (builds on) the revelation of six years and more than 6,000 diagnostic think tanks that all women have the same fears, anxieties, desires, and similar symptoms related to career stalls. Women want more and need more!

Women need each other to move forward and a methodology that accelerates new thinking and different results. The book answers the age-old question: “How?” How do I create the success I want and need to feel happy in life and at work?

Women must:

  • Feel safe to unpack hidden fears.
  • Have confidence to find your own self worth.
  • Have the courage to communicate needs and desires.
  • Feel valued and heard.
  • Have strategies for effective negotiations.
  • Have processes for conflict management.
  • Have the ability to create their own opportunities and assets for life and work.
  • Feel the freedom to write your own story and not wait for others to decide your destiny.
  • Optimize the employee experience for better results, for yourself and others.

Women want to be happy in life and at work. Yes, they can have it all! Women need a radical awakening to become painful “What if?” in a strategy that creates self-confidence and selflessness. “Think Differently” is the magic sauce for unpacking unconscious and subconscious mind, self-sabotaging narratives, [that] when under stress, it makes a lot of women give up and say, “I’m done.”

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