Offseason Notes: Flyers, Canadiens, Canucks, Coyotes

When johnny gaudreau signed his six-year, $40.5 million contract with the Calgary Flames before the 2016-17 season, talks immediately began that when the contract expired in 2022, he would return to his roots and sign with the Philadelphia Flyers of his native city. Nearly six years later, those rumors are as prevalent as ever. However, in her latest 32 Thoughts article, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman questions whether the most prudent course for the Flyers, given the uncertainty surrounding Ryan Ellis‘ health, is to look for several medium pieces instead of one large, believing that those conversations have at least happened. Friedman adds that the Flyers are a team that generally tries to make big moves, noting that they’ve tested the market on many of their players and made a real pitch for the Chicago Blackhawks forward. Alex De Brincatmore than just kicking the tires.

Friedman’s comments and speculation provide a new perspective on how the Flyers may choose to continue this offseason given how their previous seasons have played out. Philadelphia has made the postseason just once in the previous four seasons and has only gotten out of the first round once since 2011-12, which featured a first-round win over the Montreal Canadiens and a second-round loss to Philadelphia. the New York Islanders in the bubble. On the heels of a 61-point season that included the franchise icon trading claude girouxIt would seem that the team could look to step back and rebuild, but whether the rumor is one big splash or several smaller pieces, it doesn’t seem like a rebuild is on the cards. With several quality players signed on a long-term basis, including Sean Couturer, Kevin Hayes, travis konecny, Joel Farabee, cam atkinson, Ivan Provorov, Rasmus Ristolainenand promising young goalkeeper carter hartas well as Ellis, it would make sense why the organization might try to just move on.

More of Friedman’s 32 thoughts:

  • One team that may leave some of its top veterans behind is the Montreal Canadiens, who Friedman says have been testing the market in Christian Dvorak, jeff petry and maybe jose anderson. He adds that some teams believe they are not looking to exchange jack allen as they want to try to be more competitive, so it is unlikely that they will get rid of all their assets. In fact, the team was interested in the Ottawa Senators forward white colin ahead of the trade deadline, and Friedman believes those talks may materialize again, adding that Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes was White’s agent before Hughes joined the Montreal front office. Once one of the top prospects in the game, White had a solid breakout campaign in 2018-19, racking up 41 points in 71 games, enough to earn him a six-year, $28.5 million contract. Unfortunately, the contract hasn’t worked out as expected by either side, with White scoring just 51 points in 130 games since the start of the deal, now with three more years at $4.75MM per season remaining.
  • Moving west, Friedman looks at the Vancouver Canucks in the light of the brock boeser extension, believing that the fact that the two sides had a deadline played a role in the agreement. He adds that there should be a path to a Bo Horvat extension too, but a jt miller trading is still likely. Although an extension with Miller is not impossible, Friedman believes it is too difficult and Vancouver will try to get more than the Minnesota Wild received in exchange for kevin fiala– 19th overall pick in the draft and 2022 prospect brock faber. That package might not be hard to outshine for a player like Miller, who has taken off since he arrived in Vancouver, posting 217 points in 202 games. However, it is worth noting that Fiala was an imminent RFA, while Miller is a year older at $5.25MM before becoming UFA and is just over three years older than Fiala.
  • Finally, the Arizona Coyotes, who own picks 3, 27 and 32 in the first round of this year’s draft, are prepared to use “every available option” to try to acquire another top pick in the draft, Friedman says. . By selecting third place overall, Arizona is guaranteed one of Shane Wright, Juraj Slavkovskyeither Logan Cooley, although it is unlikely that they will be able to choose which one. It’s unclear exactly how high up the organization would like to find an available pick, but with news that the Montreal Canadiens are seeking an additional top-10 pick, there could be some competition for one of the coveted draft picks. The Coyotes have in addition to the 27th and 32nd overall picks, four second-round picks and a third-, fifth- and seventh-round pick in this year’s draft, along with plenty of prospective capital.

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