Not just Bollywood | Tillotama Shome on Audibles Sandman: ‘The power of audio shows is the closest thing to reading books’-Entertainment News, Firstpost

The actress Tillotama Shome in an interview with Firspost tells her experience of working for an audio program Sandman and how attractive the platform can be.

When the screen gets tiring, audio shows can be a welcome change. ActorTillotama Shome in conversation with First comment in working for him audio program Sandman. He found the experience absolutely delightful.

Tillotama says: “I had my secret moment where I told the Universe that this is what I really want to do. I called a certain platform that makes audio programs and this call came. So, I would say I made it happen. In an audio program you have to focus on one sense as an audience. But for an artist the experience is completely different.

Tillotama narrates: “It was as difficult or as easy as any other method of understanding the character for acting. I feel like it was no different because the mind-body dichotomy that we’ve gotten over and trying to separate the two doesn’t happen anymore. Even if the medium is audio, you don’t leave your body at home. You have to be physically present in the dubbing studio. So, all your senses are engaged. You have to be all in and you can’t just sit and drink coconut juice and play something else. I shot just as I would have with the camera to my face.”

Working for an audio program can be a lonely experience. It was an even more lonely experience for Tillotama because he was in the middle of a pandemic. She says, “But I think it works for calliope who is a prisoner She is a prisoner and her rage has become dissipating. So, I think it worked out pretty well for me.”

Tillotama enjoyed being in the studio alone with his character. Speaking of her experience, she says, “I liked the novelty because I hadn’t done so much audio work and it was my first time. Speaking of what made her accept the project, Tillotama says: “Long before Sandman happened, I saw a Danish film by Gustav Möller called The blame. And it’s about this emergency cop. It’s a thriller and it’s nail-biting and you’re on the edge of your seat. And the movie ends and you never see the face of the woman who calls the police. And it’s a complete plot twist at the end. And the woman that you think she’s the victim is not really the victim at the end of the movie.”

The team of Sandman did an exercise before the audio program describing the woman in The blame and the description of each one was different. Some saw her as really small and defenseless, while others saw her as strongly built. Everyone expressed their fantasy about who this woman is based on her voice. And I left the room completely intoxicated by the power of this medium where it is the closest thing to reading a book. It seemed like a great revival of the joy of reading where you hear something and your mind puts images in front of you about what that voice triggers in you.

She adds, “I knew this is something I have to explore as an actor. I became so obsessed with that woman’s voice that I went online and stalked her. I also stalked the filmmaker. It was then that I realized the power of a performance that is not assisted by visuals and therefore the visual possibility is truly endless. And when the Sandman came, I literally jumped on him.”

It’s just the beginning and he thinks what Audible is doing by presenting such a popular English program in a vernacular language is amazing. She believes, “For me, what’s exciting is that this could really be a good starting point for writing specifically for audio dramas. I think the writing style for an audio program is a processed drama that is a slow revelation.”

In an audio show you’re not spoon-feeding everything and the writing is very evocative because you don’t see anyone and you can only listen. She says, “I really look forward to how far this can go in our country and wonder what a fantastic experience it would be for actors to try something like this and understand the craft.”

Radio shows died just like reading books. The audiovisual medium occupied so much space that we completely forgot about the radio program. But with audio shows gaining popularity in the country, Tillotama is glad it’s now being revived. She concludes by saying, “I am very curious about the type of performances that the actors will be asked to perform and the type of writing required for this very specific type of storytelling. I definitely want to do more.”

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