Mad Max Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa

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Meet the doomed king of Númenor in a new The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power image. Walker Scobell mocks his angry version of Percy Jackson. american horror story establishes its last cast. Also, what’s coming tales of the walking dead. Spoilers away!

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Term reports on a film adaptation of Stephen King regulators it is now in development at Bohemia Films. Adapted for the screen by George Cowan, the story follows “peaceful suburban life on Poplar Street in Wentworth, Ohio, which is shattered one fine day when four pickup trucks carrying shotgun-wielding ‘regulators’ terrorize the street’s residents, cold-bloodedly killing anyone who is a fool.” enough to venture outdoors. The houses are mysteriously transformed into log cabins and the street now ends in what looks like a western landscape drawn by a child’s hand. The mastermind of this sudden attack is an evil creature that has taken over the body of an autistic child whose parents were killed in a drive-by shooting several months earlier.”

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Two

in conversation with light the fusedirector Christopher McQuarrie revealed the title dead calculus refers to “a government measure of last resort” and “applies more to The second part” that Part One.

When I came up with the title, I knew it applied more to part two than part one, so it ultimately settled on being part one and part two. The title of the first film was almost a title referring to something like Ghost Protocol, it was a government policy. It wasn’t a government policy, it was a government, what would you call it? A government measure of last resort, with catastrophic consequences.

By the time we got to the end of part one, that had been distilled into a completely different set of circumstances that appear in part two and not part one. So the word would no longer have been appropriate for the title of Part One.

200. Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise, Nick Offerman, Eddie Hamilton, Mark Gatiss, Erik…

end halloween

end halloween has been rated “R” by bloody horror violence and gore, language everywhereme, and some sexual references”, to the surprise of absolutely no one..[[[[bloody disgusting]

dark harvest

Meanwhile, Norman Partridge’s film adaptation dark harvest it has also been rated “R” for “strong horror violence and blood, language everywhere, and brief drug use.”[[[[bloody disgusting]

pale blue eye

bloody disgusting also has news of the Netflix adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe mystery novel by Louis Bayard, pale blue eye, it has been rated “R” for “some violent content and gory imagery”. Harry Melling, Christian Bale, Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton, Toby Jones, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Fred Hechinger, and the Robert Duvall star.

Mad Max: Furiosa

Photos of Anya Taylor-Joy on the set of furious have been leaked online. According to the daily mailproduction has temporarily ceased due to director George Miller testing positive for covid-19.

exorcism of my best friend

DiscussingFilm has our first look at Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller in the film adaptation of Grady Hendrix’s exorcism of my best friend.

ouija board shark 2

Ouija Shark battles Tarot Gator in trailer for ouija board shark 2. Naturally!

OUIJA SHARK 2 – Official Trailer


A group of mercenaries extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau hide out in a haunted region of Senegal in the trailer for Salouman African neo-western horror film coming to Shudder.

Saloum – Official Trailer [HD] | An original shake

Raven’s Hollow

Shudder has also released a trailer for his own Edgar Allen Poe mystery horror genre, Raven’s Hollowstarring William Moseley as the man the same.

Raven’s Hollow – Official Trailer [HD] | An original shake

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

Mortal KombatKenshi Takahashi has his origins revealed in the trailer for a new R-rated animated movie, snow blind.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind | Official trailer | Warner Bros Entertainment

american horror story

Term reports that Zachary Quinto, Billie Lourd, Isaac Powell, Patti LuPone, Sandra Bernhard, Joe Mantello and Charlie Carver will star in the eleventh season of american horror story.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

In an interview promoting his new movie secret headquartersstar Walker Scobell stated that his version of Percy Jackson will be imbued with “the fury of Poseidon”:

In the other iterations, it was kind of quiet the whole time. But in this one, mine, it really has, how to say… Poseidon’s fury, I guess? He gets pretty angry, and I really like that.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

ComicBook has our first look at Trystan Gravelle as Ar-Pharazôn of Númenor on Amazon the rings of powerthe last king of the doomed island nation.


Jenna Ortega shared a new photo of herself as Wednesday Addams on Instagram.

The Mayfair Witches

the envelope has five new images of Alexandra Daddario, Harry Hamlin, Tongayi Chirisa, and jack huston in The Mayfair Witches.

Image for article titled Mad Max: Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy's Young Heroine

Photo: AMC

Image for article titled Mad Max: Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy's Young Heroine

Photo: AMC

Image for article titled Mad Max: Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy's Young Heroine

Photo: AMC

Image for article titled Mad Max: Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy's Young Heroine

Photo: AMC

Image for article titled Mad Max: Furiosa Set Images Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy's Young Heroine

Photo: AMC

tales of the walking dead

Spoiler TV has a synopsis for the fifth Y sixth episodes of Tales of the Living Dead.


In a noir-style fractured memory thriller, a young stranger suddenly wakes up in a dangerous foreign town with no memory of how he got there; he must piece together fragments of his broken mind to find out why the townspeople are accusing him of murder.

the lady

A haunting story of a couple traumatized by the apocalypse who may or may not be haunted by a haunted house; Terrifying memories along with unexplained phenomena in the house affect the psyche of the couple and their relationship.

Starring Danny Ramirez and Daniella Pineda, written by Lindsey Villarreal and directed by Deborah Kampmeier.

What we do in the shadows

Baby Colin comes of age in the synopsis for “Sunrise, Sunset,” the season finale on September 6, 2019. What we do in the shadows.

Baby Colin reaches that awkward age. Written by Paul Simms; Directed by Kyle Newacheck.

[[[[tv spoiler]

Homeland: Fort Salem

Witches are judged in the trailer for “But I don’t even have a dress…”, the penultimate episode of Homeland: Fort Salem.

Motherland: Fort Salem 3×09 Promo “But I don’t even have a dress…” (HD) Final Season

Little devil

Finally, FX has released a new trailer for Little devil Starring Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito, and Aubrey Plaza.

little devil | Preview – Daddy Devil | Aubrey Plaza, Lucy DeVito, Danny DeVito | FXX

Banner art by Jim Cook

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