Latest ‘Booze & Vinyl’ Book Combines Classic Cocktails With Iconic Albums

Pairing Old Fashioned, Dirty Martinis and tropical tiki drinks with cuts from your favorite records.

The Whiskey Daisy and the Bijou are ideal for spinning The Doors’ 1967 debut album
(Jason Varney)

In 2018, Running Press published a book called alcohol and vinyl which instantly became a cult classic, thanks to its brilliant combinations of classic and equally iconic albums. cocktails.

Due in large part to its beautiful graphic design, the impeccable taste in both music and drink from authors André and Tenaya Darlington, and Jason Varney’s fantastic photography, it sold over 100,000 copies.

The Bitter Sabbath and Electric Funeral cocktails are the ones chosen by the authors when they tour ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath.
(Jason Varney)

Now the contributors have come out with a following that is just as exciting, Alcohol and vinyl vol. two. Also published by Running Press, it adds another 70 albums and 140 recipes, as each LP is paired with a Side A and Side B drink.

“The renaissance of long-playing records has brought back the listening session: playing an album, cover to cover, preferably with a drink in hand,” the authors wrote in their introduction to book one.

A whiskey tasting is the perfect pairing for a listening party.
(Jason Varney)

“Between the appealing sound of vinyl and the nostalgic feeling it evokes, LPs have an enduring quality that we crave. The album cover. The poetic hisses and pops. These are the elements of a rich and deeply personal music experience, without headphones.” An experience that is ineffably enhanced if you mix up the perfect cocktail to add a whole new level of sensory delight.

Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ is an invitation to light up and pour yourself a Cognac Old Fashioned, using French brandy and Angostura bitters.
(Jason Varney)

By the time they wrote the original volume, the Darlingtons “could feel the meteoric momentum behind LPs,” with the massive return of vinyl, “perhaps due to nostalgia, a love of sound quality, or a desire for a tangible medium instead.” the digital age.”

A Classic Sidecar Is The Drink Of Choice For A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Low End Theory’
(Jason Varney)

And then, in 2020, vinyl sales surpassed CD sales for the first time since the 1980s. The concept behind both books is a kind of “profit music history class,” i.e. a list curated from “epic music paired with craft cocktails that connect to a song or composer in a unique way.” The idea is that you can “find a signature drink to savor over and over again,” along with a favorite song.

Air’s debut album ‘Moon Safari’ indicates the Make It Easy, with vermouth and tonic
(Jason Varney)

Selected eclectic albums range from 1930s swing to 2000s rap, arranged by mood, each designed for a two-sided, two-drink listening session. “From the punk antics of the Ramones to Beck’s space cowboy jukebox,” you’ve got LPs that will “start parties and burn down the house,” or leave you feeling like the devil, with cocktails to up the ante; everything from a classic Dirty Martini to Kamikaze shots and tropical tiki drinks.

The surf rock styles of Dick Dale, known from the ‘Pulp Fiction’ soundtrack, call for amplified tiki drinks.
(Jason Varney)

Some of our favorite combos involve combinations we never would have thought of on our own and rare or forgotten recipes that music and mixology experts unearthed in the course of their extensive research.

But nothing beats his genius. the plane, Jay-Z’s soul-sampled album from 2001 that is not only his best critically reviewed album, but the one that produced his first top 10 single, “Izzo (HOVA)”. For starters, they suggest lighting up a cigar (the rapper is shown smoking one on the album cover) and then pulling out a nice cognac.

(Jason Varney)

Once again, the excellent Ferrand brandy seems to be on the cards here, although the authors note that Hennessy, Courvoisier, and Rémy Martin are good choices. For Side A, they specify a Brandy Sling, whose origins date back to the earliest mention of the cocktail more than 200 years ago, and the perfect mix to “toast to hits past and future” – Jay-Z finally would have more No. 1 albums than Elvis.

And for Side B, the knockout adds Angostura bitters to the mix for an Old-Fashioned Cognac, “the natural progression after a slingshot” and truly a cocktail for the ages. Play it again, Sam.

(current press)

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2022 issue of Maxim magazine.

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