Kenobi Justifies Obi-Wan’s Most Teased New Hope Line

The Path collides with Imperial Stormtroopers in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode five, justifying an oft-mocked line regarding Imperial marksmanship.

Warning: spoilers for Obi Wan Kenobi episode 5

Ben Kenobi offers one of the Star Wars the most mocked lines of the saga, only to be fully justified by the Obi Wan Kenobi Serie. As he watched the aftermath of a gruesome massacre by Imperial stormtroopers in A new hopeKenobi points out that they areaccurate”, despite his complete inability to accurately destroy Luke or any of the other heroes later in the film. the obi wan The series gives the stormtroopers a well-deserved action sequence as a deadly fighting force, once again highlighting that the stormtroopers are only inept when fighting the protagonists.


When the clone troopers were withdrawn from Imperial service during the first year of the regime, they were replaced by conscripted beings, initially designated TK Troopers, but soon renamed stormtroopers. Although the stormtroopers have far better training and equipment than the troopers of the Imperial Army, they pale in comparison to the Republic clone troopers, who kept up with the Jedi Knights and held off the Separatists’ droid forces that nearly always fought. they had a significant numerical advantage. To make matters worse, their position as antagonists further frames them as cannon fodder in the majority Star Wars stories.

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by Obi-Wan A new hope line of “only imperial stormtroopers are this accurate” is laughable, as viewers and in-universe characters scoff at his consistently poor goal, but the Obi Wan Kenobi The episode “Part V” finally gives Kenobi a justification for this line. During the Empire’s skirmish with members of The Path on Jabiim, the stormtroopers (who are backed by the Third Sister and several elite Purge Troopers) easily defeat the Jedi sympathizers, blasting them with accurate shots. Kenobi witnesses his lethal efficiency firsthand, explaining his warning to Luke in A new hope but it also serves as another reminder that stormtroopers are deadly opponents for those without plot armor.

A new hope begins with a similar melee skirmish on board Leia’s ship, the Tantive IV. The Rebel soldiers, despite their own training and armor-piercing blasters, fail to repel the Imperial boarders and are quickly eliminated. Similar Imperial victories can be found in both canon and Legends, giving rebels and local resistance movements reason to fear elite soldiers, and Imperial leaders like Darth Vader reason to trust their ability to defeat them. the battle.

It is this trust, the Dark Lord of the Sith’s callousness, and Leia’s dialogue that led some viewers to hypothesize that the stormtroopers aboard the Death Star were ordered not to attack Leia and his allies, allowing themselves to think that they fought their way out of the superweapon (while Vader had a tracking device attached to his Millenium Falcon). If this is the case, Imperial stormtroopers are not only extremely well-trained, but also loyal enough to the Imperial cause to knowingly place themselves in situations where the Rebels are likely to fatally attack them. by kenobi A new hope The line may seem unintentionally comical, but the Obi Wan Kenobi The series and many other battles demonstrate just how dangerous stormtroopers really are.

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