Jon Snow sequel may finally fix Game of Thrones’ worst mistake

The Jon Snow sequel show, reportedly in development at HBO, may right one of the biggest mistakes Game of Thrones made in adapting the books.

A Jon Snow sequel TV show is reportedly in production at HBO, and with it comes the opportunity to fix game of Thrones‘Most egregious mistake in George RR Martin’s adaptation A song of ice and fire books. Jon Snow’s ending in game of Thrones she saw him return beyond the Wall with the Wildlings, and did not suggest that there was a continuation of the story waiting to be told. That is what is happening, however, with a Jon Snow spinoff in development at HBOThat will reportedly bring Kit Harington back to the role. HBO has many planned game of Thrones spin-offs, but this one in particular will have a real impact on the show and could be an opportunity to reframe events.


For the first half of your journey, game of Thrones it was largely celebrated both for its own storytelling and for how well it adapted Martin’s novels. Although he inevitably had to make some changes, most of them were understandable. It was only when the show surpassed the books, and in particular the ending with game of Thrones season 8 – that things really went wrong and the public turned against the series. However, even when she was at her best, she did not perfectly capture A song of ice and firebut the Jon Snow sequel could fix one of his oldest and longest-running book-to-screen problems: direwolves.

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In A song of ice and firethe The Starks have strong connections with their direwolves., and it has been shown that most can get into them. The bond between them goes far beyond being pets or guardians, but becomes something more spiritual, as if they are part of each other. It’s a core aspect of who they are, with the direwolves reflecting their personalities and destinies: Jon, an outsider like Ghost; Arya having to leave her family behind as Nymeria; Bran exploring the world in a way beyond his body, such as becoming the Three-Eyed Raven; Shaggydog being wild like Rickon, and so on. Unfortunately, game of Thrones failed the direwolves, barely scratching the surface of their meaning and often simply ignoring them entirely, but the Jon Snow sequel is a chance to correct that through the presence of Ghost.

Game of Thrones Finale Jon Pets Ghost

When Jon returns to the Wall in game of Thrones‘ ending, Ghost is waiting for him (and their reunion scene is a real highlight of the ending). Ghost then travels beyond the Wall with Jon and the other Wildlings, meaning he should be around during the sequel as well. As one of the returning characters from game of Thrones, then it would make sense for Ghost to have a more prominent role in things, especially since he could form such a big part of the narrative. Jon Snow’s sequel’s story isn’t clear, but if he stays in the far north instead of taking him back to Westeros, having him jump into Ghost and further explore his connection to the direwolf could allow for a fascinating layer of introspection. and character development game of Thrones lacked really can show Jon Snow as a direwolfand delve into the heart of the pair’s bond, as Jon will be the main focus, rather than one of many main characters.

The main reason given by game of ThronesDirewolf’s mistakes had to do with budget and CGI, and the difficulty of making them look good on screen. That excuse was never fully washed away anyway, given the amount of money game of Thrones had to work and the increasingly impressive show shown elsewhere, but it should be less of an issue for the Jon Snow sequel. Without having to worry about three fully-fledged dragons, and perhaps not even needing the same scale as the original show, this would presumably have a smaller cast and fewer places that game of Thronesat least then there could be more money and time to bring Ghost to life.

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