Jamie Foxx bears the brunt of Netflix’s frenetic vampire game

The directorial debut of stunt coordinator and martial artist JJ Perry, Day shift, premiered on Netflix on August 12, 2022. Known for his stunt work on such blockbusters as john wick Y F9: Fate of the FuriousPerry’s vampire action-comedy stands out in the genre, but falls short of the thrilling stunts one would have expected from this movie.

Leading the cast as protagonist and vampire hunter Bud Jablonski, Jamie Foxx takes the cake in balancing the multi-genre split act of action, comedy, satire, horror and drama. One really can’t envision anyone other than Foxx accomplishing a feat like this.

But to give credit where credit is due, Dave Franco The character, Seth, did well to add some refreshing humor to the film, meshing well with Foxx’s character. Additionally, Snoop Dogg and Karla Souza also shone in their brief performances, and the cast generally followed the tone of the film.

However, the same appreciation cannot be given to the plot, which remained chaotic and underdeveloped for the most part. For a nonsensical Friday night movie night, Day Shift does well to entertain viewers, but don’t go looking for anything extraordinary.

Read on for the full movie review and summary.

the plot of Day shift it’s absurd and disjointed

Bud Jablonski used to be a blue collar worker, cleaning pools for the wealthy in the San Fernando Valley until his employer left. He then switched to his real job, which included hunting vampires and extracting their fangs. On a good day, these fangs would earn him a lot of money, allowing him to live a sustainable life.

He was managing a life turned upside down with his secret job and a family life that included a loving and witty daughter, Paige (Zion Broadnax) and his ex-wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good), until he needed $10,000 to stop his family from moving to Florida.

His only solution was to rejoin the vampire hunter “syndicate” that had expelled him for violating several of their codes on a daily basis. However, his maverick friend and ally Big John (snoop-dog) had enough clout to get him the job again.

The only condition was that Seth (Dave Franco), a high-strung accountant, would supervise their field missions and report to union leader Ralph Seeger (Eric Lange).

There were discussions of five types of vampires, categorized by age, black market sunscreen that allowed them to be in the sun, methods of killing vampires, vampire hives, an overlord vampire called The Boss, and various incomprehensible-sounding vampire hunting codes. in Day shift. However, none of them boiled down to anything significant in the movie.

Not only did Bud and Seth find loopholes in the vampire hunting union codes, the film’s plot also had many loopholes. Sometimes the vampires took too long to kill each other and no amount of wooden bullets would knock them out, other times they’d be blown to bits with just machine gun fire. But wasn’t a steel blade required to kill them?

Karla Souza’s tough vampire queen turned into a badass villain, who was defeated pretty easily. Her daughter, the old vampire woman from the first scene, put up a better fight, making the ending seem rushed and disjointed. Snoop Dogg’s Big John apparently blew himself up as a sacrifice to kill an army of vampires, but where were his fangs when he regenerated?

All in all, Day shift it was an entertaining watch if you left the analysis out the door. It seemed like the creators started with an ambitious idea in mind that slowly fizzled out and ended poorly. Yet mind numbing action and the garden variety gore in the movie would make for a pretty decent movie night.

JJ Perry john wickthe high-level action continued to be bad in Day shift

Day shift It opened with an action sequence that featured Foxx’s action moves as he took down an elderly female vampire who became a worthy opponent with her unrelenting bloodlust. The action scene, with enough blood and special effectsit was a great way to engage viewers early on.

However, it became irritating and tedious with the same moves being made over and over again as more unimpressive vampires closed in on Jablonski. In one of the scenes where Bud, Seth, and the Nazarian brothers (professional vampire hunters), fending off a hive of vampires, he seemed to see the same stunts over and over again.

Gunshots, vampires tossed around like bullet-riddled zombies, wacky spider gaits and powder-coated faces dripping black blood, on and on. Come what may with jaw-dropping action choreography illustrated by Keanu Reeves in the john wick Films?

Tune in Day shift on Netflix for an exceptionally comical vampire hunting game with a video game aesthetic and by Jamie Foxx complete performance in an uninspiring film.

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