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TSN hockey experts Darren Dreger, Chris Johnston and Pierre LeBrun join host Ryan Rishaug for the latest on some high-profile trade candidates in Vancouver, where contract negotiations are between johnny gaudreau and the Flames, the quiet discussions of the Maple Leafs with the pending UFA jack campbell and Ilya Mikheyev, and much more in the latest edition of Insider Trading.

What’s the latest in high-profile business goals for the Vancouver Canucks?

Dreger: It looks like it’s open season for the Vancouver Canucks; It’s not a clearance sale, so don’t get it wrong: we’ll talk about jt miller and we’ll talk about brock boeser. Miller has one year left on his contract and then he’s an unrestricted free agent and Boeser is a restricted free agent this offseason and there will be a strong market for these two players. Boeser is 25 and a goalscorer, Miller is coming off a career year and a gutsy forward — there isn’t a Stanley Cup playoff team (including the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche) that wouldn’t consider Miller a good addition on top. what they already have. The Canucks are interested in hearing, [Canucks GM] Patrik Allvin has been very busy, but the Canucks aren’t just in the market for draft picks. They need good young players [and] if they’re giving up NHL players in exchange, it’s going to be a very interesting offseason for them.

Also with a year of study in Calgary [for] johnny gaudreau, what’s the latest there? It seems they are playing a waiting game.

LeBrun: The Flames wasted no time after the season. They already made a contract offer and since then there has been an ongoing dialogue. It won’t be for money johnny gaudreau decides to go to the market; when you consider the eighth year that only the Flames can offer the full dollar, it’s going to be tough for other teams to match and we know winning is important to Gaudreau and the Flames are going to be a contender if he decides to stay. What the Flames can control is their area code and if Gaudreau decides to go home; the Flames want to give him up, and they’ll try to push this out before July 13 (the opening of the free-agent signing period) because if he’s not already signed by July 13, they may have to trade.

Johnston: We’re not talking about players of Gaudreau’s quality with the Maple Leafs situation, but about his two players who could go on the market in jack campbell and Ilya Mikheev. What strikes me is that the Leafs have apparently not yet reached out to make an offer. There’s ongoing dialogue and they’ve had discussions with those guys’ camps but they didn’t exchange numbers, there was no real negotiation and this starts to feel like some guys we’ve seen walk out the door in the past when you look at zachhyman Y fredrick andersen in recent years. Note that Mikheyev is looking to make $4-5 million on the open market and Campbell could even go north depending on where the goalkeeping market goes on the 13th.

to Minnesota, Cam Talbot with another year on his contract, but a fairly high-profile acquisition in Marc-Andre Fleury – Can they extend this relationship, do you think?

Dreger: They can, but the conversation hasn’t started between [Minnesota Wild general manager] Bill Guerin and Allan Walsh, who represents Fleury, but I can tell you that Guerin would love to get that Fleury and Talbot tandem back together for next year. Fleury enjoyed his time in Minnesota with Wild; it was brief, but Wild can see the value in bringing back the experienced 37-year-old netminder. But Fleury isn’t ready to think about that yet, his family just got back from vacation, so there’s plenty of time for the business side of the game in the next few days.

LeBrun: Let’s get him back to the Stanley Cup Final. joseph mansonpending unrestricted free agent, was brought in as a trade-deadline acquisition by the Colorado Avalanche: It’s unrealistic to expect the Avalanche to talk to him when they have nazem kadri going up, Valeri Nichushkin going up, darcy kumper coming soon and they will try to extend it to a type called Nathan Mackinnon, so Manson is expected to go on the open market. They told me the Anaheim Ducks would like to talk to him when he hits the open market, of course, he spent most of his career there, wildly popular in that locker room; other teams will also be interested in him. , but he hopes Anaheim will be one of them.

The awards are tonight Chris, looking a little different but hopefully things will be back to normal next year.

Johnston: Absolutely, shoehorning it into the Stanley Cup Final – it’s not going to be an ideal scenario, completely driven by the schedule here, so when we look at 2023, the NHL really wants to take it back, have it in an independent city, I’m told. . It won’t necessarily be Las Vegas the way it was before the pandemic. There are other teams that have stepped up and expressed interest in having him. There is also some clarity pending on the 2023 NHL Draft, there are rumors that Seattle will be the host city; it’s not going to happen, it’s not going to be the newest team in the NHL, the offer process should happen sometime in mid-July.

Pierre, Carolina’s latest on Necas?

lebrun: well, Martin Necas he’s a restricted free agent, he’s coming off his entry-level contract, he had a 40-point season, a first-round pick in 2017, and he was loaded in terms of potential and talent, but he had an off-and-on year, he kind of got replaced in the alignment by Seth Jarvis. Teams are calling the Hurricanes for this young man and I don’t know if Carolina really wants to move him but I think if the offer gets to a point where you get a young [defenceman] back the hurricanes could hear.

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