Icebreaker: Trade looms for Florida Panthers as Anthony Duclair nears return

Daily Faceoff member Frank Seravalli brought some hot new rumors to the table in today’s Ice Breakers segment, including the latest about Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the Rangers looking to move Ryan Reaves and an inevitable Florida trade. Panthers.

Mike McKenna: “You have thrown your first business goal board of the young season with 20 names at stake, and some that will soon be. So let’s start at the top, Bo Horvat, he’s their No. 1 on the list, but he’s also closely followed by Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks. What’s the latest on these three?

Frank Seravalli: “Well, I think the schedule is what’s really important when it comes to talking about Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. We know the trade deadline isn’t until March 3, but as the calendar begins to turn to December, that’s when talks are really expected to begin in earnest between the Blackhawks and the Kane and Toews camp, which which is interesting enough in that they are both represented by the same agent in CAA Sports’ Pat Brisson. They both have identical $10.5 million contracts and have all the same clauses that Kane and Toews hold the key to.

Now it’s interesting because we know Kane would be a coveted commodity that has been one of the biggest storylines of the season, but the year Toews has had up to this point has turned back the clock. He is much more like the player we knew and loved from all the success he had with the Blackhawks. Obviously, he’s not up to that level at this age of 34, but still, he’s a great welcome addition to a team, and that would be good news for the Blackhawks, who really weren’t what they expected from Toews, who had a comedown last year, and the season before, of course, he totally missed it.

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So those guys have all the keys, and I think when you look at it in terms of how this could play out, we’ll say ‘what’s the playbook here?’ The playbook is Claude Giroux’s deal with the Philadelphia Flyers last year. Obviously, the captain of him plays 1,000 games in a Flyers uniform and is traded shortly thereafter. These guys have already achieved and won everything possible. It will be completely up to them how it works out and where they go, but the same agent also represented Giroux.

And I think that’s an important deal to point to because both in terms of the package and how it’s been handled up to that point, it’s probably going to feel very similar for the Chicago Blackhawks this time around, more or less depending on how you feel about Kane and Toews in relation to Giroux as to what type of packet it returns. A first-round pick, a former first-round pick in Owen Tippett, those types of players and pieces are going to be involved in this type of transaction that I would imagine whenever it happens, if it happens before the March 3 trade deadline.” .

Mike McKenna: “Yeah, and of course, those players in Chicago hold all the cards with the no-move clauses.

Let’s go down to FLA, home of the Palm Isles. Anthony Duclair registers at number 7 on his list with the Florida Panthers. Is it just a placeholder? What does that mean for Florida?”

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Frank Seravalli: “Yeah, so we take a look here at the next five guys on our trade target list, and Duclair, you see, has an asterisk next to his name, and those are also his 2021-22 stats, because Anthony Duclair suffered a hamstring. Achilles. he was injured on July 2, and he has missed the entirety of the season up to this point. Why is this important and why is his name on the board?

Because the Florida Panthers have been flying incredibly close to the sun with the salary cap this season. They wear the minimum of the league, they carry the minimum of players in the league. You saw last week with Aaron Ekblad when he was sick, they didn’t get a replacement, they played one less player. So, they don’t have anyone to send and that means if they would like to activate Duclair, who I’m told is nearing a comeback, he’s already skating, it looks like sometime around Christmas at the earliest, he’s got a cap. of $3 million, and to activate it, they don’t have space. They absolutely must make a trade.

One option, may be one of the easier options, would be to take Duclair and download it somewhere for free, have someone take it off their hands, they may even have to pay given the scenario they’re in the Florida Panthers, to have someone. rescue him to make that happen. But the reason Duclair has the asterisk and I call it a placeholder is I think right now he’s just as likely to be moved as some of the other players on the Florida Panthers roster.

It could be any of them, but the point is to point out that the Florida Panthers are going to have to make a move barring another injury, they’re going to have to make a trade, and I think if it’s not going to be Duclair, I think they might be able to find some value in Elsewhere, whether it’s Sam Reinhart, Sam Bennett, they have a few different options. But it’s going to have to be someone who makes $3 million or more on his salary cap, and an important transaction to point to as some teams around the league start looking for some vulnerable positions, the Florida Panthers are certainly in one.”

Mike McKenna: “A player in the league who doesn’t make $3 million, makes $1.75, is a player you have 18th on your roster, Ryan Reaves of the Rangers. Now I find this interesting, he has over 100 NHL games with playoff experience, why is he on your list?

Frank Seravalli: Well, he’s on the list because he’s been a healthy scratch for Gerard Gallant and the New York Rangers. Four of the last five games, which have certainly caught the eye of some teams in the league looking for a little bit of size, a little bit of bite.

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Also, Reaves, a beloved guy in almost every locker room he’s been in, that $1.75 million salary cap hit, as much as the Rangers like the idea of ​​having him in their lineup at different points, and clearly someone like Gallant believes in what Reaves brings to the team, in this case, I think the Rangers would also be completely excited to potentially move on from that kind of salary hit where they have $1.75 million in room to advance.

For someone who’s been watching from the outside, I think this is one of those trades given how tight they all are on the edge, where it might just be for future considerations or something. But I think the Rangers are open to the idea, and I think there are a number of teams that have been looking at it saying ‘Hmm, Ryan Reaves could be an interesting guy’ given where they are with their teams. and lacking in some of the elements he provides.”

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