Days of Our Lives Recap: Lani Confesses to TR’s Murder at Paulina and Abe’s June Wedding

As we pull into Salem, Roman commiserates on how sad Abigail’s death is when Paulina walks into Brady’s Bar and invites them to her and Abe’s wedding. Roman says he would be honored to provide “all the trimmings” to eat at the wedding. They then wonder who will officiate and Paulina admits that she doesn’t feel comfortable asking Marlena again. Then Eric walks in, which is just perfect. Paulina is shocked at his expulsion, but Roman and Kate point out that the priest or not, he still has a license, so he agrees to perform the ceremony.

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At Horton Town Square, Abe is going through his last-minute checklist when he meets Allie with some tea cakes and the news that she’s finished her last-minute Juneteenth wedding cake. Abe gratefully invites the young baker, insisting that she is related to her and that Chanel would love her there. He then meets up with Nicole and they talk about postponing her own wedding as Rafe is too busy with Abigail’s death. Abe then invites Nicole to the wedding.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny is talking to his father on the phone when Chanel walks in. She arrives with fresh donuts and her condolences for Abigail, then the conversation turns to Paulina’s release from prison and the wedding. When Chanel mentions her huge to-do list, including the need to find a videographer, Johnny offers her services. Chanel resists, but he promises that he just wants to help, and she agrees to let him film the ceremony.

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Across town, Olivia is visiting with Julie and Eli, insisting that her hostess call her Big Mama since they are family now. Olivia offers her prayers for Abigail, only for Julie to start pondering “that monster” TR. Uncomfortable, Eli tries to divert the conversation, but Big Mama regrets she didn’t do anything about Paulina and TR’s relationship before it ended in murder. Eli then manages to shift the conversation to Juneteenth, which Texas native Olivia is happy to explain to Julie.

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Happy day or not, Lani struggles to stay together at home when a dead TR knocks on her door. She punches him in the face, trying to tell herself that he’s not real. Lani freaks out when she hears another knock, but this time it’s Theo and she throws herself into his arms. He asks her what’s going on and she says she thought he was her downstairs neighbor who was complaining about her.

Dead TR says that Theo doesn’t believe him, even when Lani’s brother asks about Paulina’s murder charges. She runs off, leaving Theo to take care of the twins. Eli comes over to greet his brother-in-law, who asks if Lani is okay. Eli just shrugs because Lani is Lani and always carries “the weight of the world.”

At Paulina’s house, Chanel and Lani help her mother prepare for the ceremony. She tells them how much it means for them both to be with her on her special day. For this wedding, she says she, she needs a Matron Y a maid of honor Paulina then sends Chanel into the other room so she can check on Lani. But when her daughter says how horrible she feels that Paulina is receiving criticism for her crime, the bride insists that it is her wedding day and she wants her daughter to be happy.

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At the wedding venue, Eric, Johnny, Nicole and Allie find themselves confused. Both had thought that it had only been a ceremony for the family. Johnny and Allie do a little sniping while Eric and Nicole touch each other. Abe chimes in before things get too awkward to say that the ladies have just arrived. Chanel is a little surprised to see that Abe invited Allie, who doesn’t stop at flirting.

The ceremony begins with Lani looking at a bloodied TR behind Abe. The bride and groom say their own vows, and Abe proclaims that he can never deny his love. “I hope to share that love with our children and our grandchildren, as long as God blesses me to be by his side.” Paulina jokes that she can’t get over that, but she speaks from the heart. Abe was a problem, she says, that she didn’t see coming. She hadn’t planned on revealing her secrets about Lani, but then she fell in love with Abe and “all my secrets were out.” And that’s what she wants with Abe for “every day of our lives.”

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When Eric asks for objections, TR raises his hand, but Lani tries to ignore him. However, without strong objections, Eric concludes the ceremony and the bride and groom jump the broom. Paulina throws the bouquet only for Chanel to catch it, leading Allie and Johnny to do some digging about needing a boyfriend… or a girlfriend.

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In the last minutes of the show, TR taunts Lani that Paulina is eating cake now, because all she will have is “stale bread in prison.” Lani tries to shut him up, then turns to toast her father and her mother, Abe and Paulina. She starts out sweet, but then says that she can’t let her mother protect her anymore. Her parents deserve a life together. Eli and Paulina try to stop her, but Lani tearfully confesses that she was the one who shot TR. As everyone watches in horror, a smug TR nods.

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