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I will be posting the updated salary cap guardian rankings in the 25ththe (skaters) and 26the (bouncers) so keep an eye out for them. even with Moritz SeiderIt’s a slow start, it’s still holding on trevor zegras for first place in this month’s ranking. The value you get for an offensive Dman with the advantage of him on a rookie contract, not only this year, but next year as well, is irreplaceable. No matter what you sign in your next contract, it will pay off. If he were eligible to sign an extension today to start next summer, it would be projected at $6.2 million per year. That will only increase as you get closer to the expiration of your entry-level contract.

I like it Aaron Ekblad and his mega deal coming out of his entry-level contract as comparable. Ekblad was a top defender at the time, though his offense hadn’t shined like Seider has. Ekblad’s salary cap at the time the contract was signed was over 10% of the team’s total cap. For Seider to match that by signing a contract that takes effect in the fall of 2024, with the cap expected to rise in the meantime, we could be looking at an AAV of more than $9 million.

If you look at more recent comparables with Cale Makar, adam foxY quinn hughesIt’s not hard to see that the average cap of the best young defensemen can Already Being there Seider has yet to rack up the same point totals as these players, but there aren’t many perfect matchups for him right now.

In general, an eight-figure AAV for Seider is not out of the question at this point. I felt like I should set that expectation now for these players, because a wave of massive contracts is coming, and it will come much faster than many of us can expect.


trevor zegrasThe projected AAV at this time is $8.3 million. He’s scoring close to a point per game on the worst team in the standings right now. Hopefully the ducks realize they need to lock him up sooner rather than later.


The Pittsburgh Penguins Switched Up Their Power Play Units, And The Bottom Line Is The Struggle bryan rust is now in the second unit, while jeff petry occupies a place with the superior unit. Petry has done well this year and earned promotion. He has a history of producing well with man advantage, and could be a perfect fit for this unit’s staff. His stock is probably about to go up a bit.

In the meantime, this could cause a reset with Rust, or it could bring its value down to what is probably its absolute minimum. Either way, this is a time to buy low on the extreme. Right hand is the shallowest position in fantasy, and in order to acquire one that has averaged a 75-point pace over the past three seasons, you need to do your due diligence and sign up. Most of Rust’s underlying numbers aren’t too outside of his normal range, except for his IPP and secondary assist percentage. The team has been scoring at their usual rate, but Rust gets bitten by a snake and just hasn’t accounted for points at his rate. However, luck changes, and it often changes quickly.


Minnesota also had some changes, and the key here too was a change in the top power-play unit in practice. Alex Goligoski I take Calen Addison‘s spot, and it looks like it will stick around for tonight’s game. Goligoski hasn’t run the top unit of a power play for any real length of time in nearly a decade. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon, so this is likely to be a bit of a reset for Addison as well. That could make him a decent low buy in the one-year leagues right now, but in Dynasties, his owners will likely still hold their own.

Greenway of Jordan he also seems poised to return (for the third time this season). Based on those same lines of practice, it seems that marco rossi it may be the odd one and could be sent to the AHL.


The next edition of Rick Roos’ monthly mailbag has plenty of room for questions. To send him yours, you can send a private message to “rizzeedizzee” through the DobberHockey forums, or send an email to [email protected] with “Roos Mailbag” as the subject line. No one takes a deeper dive into your fantasy hockey questions!


Morgan Reilly will miss four to six weeks with what appears to be an MCL issue. This could be the opportunity to rasmus sandin to get going, it could be an opportunity to Mark Giordano to buy some time with the first power play unit, or it could be the push the front office needs to come out and address the need on defense.

On an unrelated note, jakob chychrun He made his season debut Monday night, skating 23 minutes in the penalty shootout loss, recording two shots, four hits, two blocks and a minus-one rating. It’s not what the Leafs need the most, but it’s fun to dream and fan the fire.


Montreal native mike mateson He recently returned from an injury suffered in the offseason. Playing in his second game of the season last night, he scored his first goal of the year.

He’s seeing a lot of power play time and is shooting well. Overall, the 28-year-old defender still shows some rust, but he should shake that off soon. It’s all a small sample at this point, but he’s seeing 60% of his at-bats start in the offensive zone, which is a great sign for him to roll out for the rest of the season.


for sabers, Tag Thompson Y jeff skinner scored a combined nine points, with Alex Tuch adding three of his own. It seems that Thompson (with his shooting percentages) and jeff skinner (with his contract) gets all the attention in Buffalo, but I want to talk a little bit about Tuch. [I’m also very mad at how many times the Sabres made me update those above stats last night – not cool guys.]

Tuch is a portly 26-year-old who still has another 75 games to go before he reaches his breakout threshold. His career growth is what you want to see, with his production growing from the previous year in all but one season thus far. He’s driving some high percentages at his current points-per-game rate, but even normalizing that, he should have a reasonable shot at 70 points. This also has room to grow with ice time and opportunity as the team improves around it.

On the other hand, he has yet to reach a 70% IPP which we like to see as a measure of the players driving the lanes versus the passenger role. If he was able to bring his usual rate of 60-65% to that 70% peak with his possible break next year, then he could be treated year after year as a 70+ point player at the table. draft.

He might be a great player and usually with those we see a post break and an earlier drop in production, however Tuch doesn’t play a heavy game (any longer), averaging less than a hit per game and keeping up the numbers. much lower block and PIM. He’s a star in points-only setups, but in multi-tier leagues he’s someone you’ll have to isolate with a few extra peripherals in the rest of your lineup. The good thing about that is that his output shouldn’t drop as soon as he hits 30.


Two of my early season drops in tyson jost Y chris wideman they battled each other in one of the least expected inclines of the season. Neither has been a regular in the lineup thus far, though last night’s performance is much better for Wideman than Jost. Wideman added another assist, getting him to four points in twelve games overall, but those four points came in his last six appearances. He’s also added 21 PIM in those past six games, putting him on full-season pace to double his career high. Don’t expect that to continue.


the calendar the rest of the week is a bit of fun, with heavy days on Wednesday and Friday, with an empty Thursday to accommodate Thanksgiving in the US. Be a little more careful than usual when planning the next few days as there are likely to be quite a few games left in your bank for the heavy days right now.


you can find me at Twitter @alexdmaclean if you have any questions or comments about fantasy hockey. See you next wednesday!

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