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Not since ‘Why Katappa Killed Baahubali’ took over discussions of India’s chai spots, Indian cinema has given viewers another conundrum. However, that changed last month when brahmastra part one released and introduced a new mysterious character: Dev. The character, who has so far only been shown as a mysterious faceless villain, will be front and center in part two. And already the internet is full of fan theories about who it could be. In a recent conversation with the Hindustan Times, the director of Brahmastra Ayan Mukerji discussed Dev’s off-screen identity and the roadmap for the trilogy. Also read: Ayan Mukerji reacts to those who question the box office success of Brahmastra

Ever since Dev was revealed in Brahmastra Part One-Shiva, fans have speculated on who played him. Everyone from Ranveer Singh to Hrithik Roshan and even Shah Rukh Khan has stood as a candidate. When asked if it was any of these actors or just a stuntman who played the character in Brahmastra, Ayan replies with a smile, “I won’t answer your question, but I love these theories. It’s part of the fun of this storytelling.”

Like Part One focused on Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor), the second part of Brahmastra will be about Dev. Naturally, the character is fully formed in Ayan’s mind. He admits that thoughts about the character and the actor playing him were almost concrete as early as 2019. “The conversation, the vision, and the actor for Part Two Dev were very fleshed out around 2019. There was a point where in the middle After doing the first part, we really found the time to start pursuing this whole vision of development. The true story and the conflict of Brahmastra come to life in the second part. In terms of Dev, I’ll go out on a limb and say that he’s possibly the most exciting character I’ll take on in my career so far. I’m extremely excited about the potential of Dev and hope things line up for us over the next three years in a way where we can give you guys top of mind for this,” says Ayan.

But even as he dodges questions about Dev’s identity now, there was a point where he was ready to reveal the actor in Brahmastra 1. Ayan says, “To be honest, for a long time, we were going to end the movie by revealing even the face.” of the character of Dev. Thinking hard and wanting to create some curiosity in the minds of audiences, we ended the film where we did.”

Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of Brahmastra.
Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of Brahmastra.

Dev opens the next chapter in the Brahmastra trilogy. Ayan had always envisioned the series as three movies and part of a new cinematic universe he calls Astraverse. He says that he often found himself wanting to move on to the second part even before finishing the first. “Some things, myself, I was thinking very differently for the future. Even 2 or 3 years ago, I had my eyes on what we could really create with Part Two-Dev, and honestly beyond that. That was so exciting that a part of me wanted to jump right away,” says the filmmaker.

The success of Brahmastra Part One – has been earned $Rs 400 crore globally – has made this trilogy officially possible now. But Ayan says that he would have fought for the vision of him even if the movie hadn’t done at the box office like he has. He shares: “There are also certain market forces that dictate the fate of a film. I’m not a tycoon yet. Would he have fought for the vision of Astraverse? Yes, I would have, because I’m willing to sacrifice a lot to bring this to life. I really think it’s a very exciting new road ahead. But I needed the success of the first part to give me energy to be able to continue paying the price and sacrificing myself to assume it. I was waiting a bit to see how the first part would go. It’s been going well, and I feel that energy.”

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