A snapshot of the Moto Books and Arts Festival 2022.

The Moto Books and Arts Festival was held at the Village Market Mall in Nairobi, Kenya from April 21-24, 2022. The theme of the festival was Igniting African Literature.

The Moto Book and Arts Festival concept revealed to the public in February, he promised to bring together people in publishing and writing, as well as the arts community. The event powered by HalfPriced Books in association with Village Market Mall ensured a platform for local and international authors, publishers, illustrators, booksellers, artists and brands to showcase their work and share emerging literary trends.

The event lasted for three days and gave Nairobi residents what they had been missing for a long time. For those who don’t know, moto means fire in Kiswahili and the event brought heat to the Nairobi literary space. Here’s a snapshot;



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