3 Dividend Stocks That Pay You Cash No Matter Where the Market Goes

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The stock market remains highly volatile amid concerns about inflation, interest rate hikes, supply shortages and geopolitical tension in Europe. Even amid volatility, investors can consistently earn cash through dividend stocks.

Fortunately, there are Canadian corporations that have been paying and increasing their dividends regularly for decades. This means that investors can trust their payouts and earn higher returns by investing in some of these companies. It is worth mentioning that companies with a long track record of dividend growth are relatively less volatile and add stability to your portfolio due to their established business and strong earnings base.

With all that in the background, here are three stocks that have been raising dividends for at least 25 years and can continue to pay cash, despite wild market swings.


Amid the current volatile environment, utility stocks appear to be a reliable investment due to their conservative business mix and predictable cash flows. Within the utilities sector, investors might consider adding the shares of fortress (TSX:FTS)(New York Stock Exchange:FTS).

It is one of the safe stocks to buy, as it generates 99% of its profits from the regulated utility business. The company operates 10 regulated utility businesses that generate predictable and growing cash flows. Thanks to its strong cash flows and rate base growth, Fortis increased its dividend for 48 consecutive years. Meanwhile, the company is on track to further increase its dividend by about 6% annually through 2025.

This clarity about its future payments stems from its strong capital program (about $20 billion). Fortis’ strong capital program would boost its fee base to $41.6 billion by 2026 from $31.1 billion in 2021. Fortis’ earnings and cash flows will benefit from expanding its fee base. Additionally, its focus on expanding renewables capacity bodes well for growth.

Fortis’ stable business, strong cash flows and a well-protected 3.7% yield make it a perfect dividend stock for all market conditions.

Canadian public services

Canadian public services (TSX: CU) The stock is another high-dividend stock in the utility space. This utility company has been steadily increasing its dividends for 50 years. In addition, its strong cash flows indicate that it could continue to improve returns for its shareholders through continued dividend increases in the coming years.

Canadian Utilities continues to invest in utility assets that deliver stable earnings and drive rate-based growth. Its high-quality regulated and contracted assets generate strong cash flows that cover its payments. Additionally, regulated utility assets account for the majority of your earnings, meaning your payments are secure.

The company’s low-risk business model, investments in rate base growth, stable earnings, and energy transition opportunities will support your payments. Additionally, Canadian Utility shares offer a high yield of 4.9%.


push (TSX:ENB)(NYSE:ENB) Stocks can be relied on to deliver stable dividend income, regardless of market volatility. It has paid dividends for about 67 years. Meanwhile, it raised the dividend for 27 consecutive years. Additionally, the dividend growth rate (CAGR of 10% since 1995) has been higher than its peers.

Enbridge’s diverse income streams, strong capital program, contractual arrangements and inflation-protected income generate strong distributable cash flows.

Its stellar dividend yield of 6.5% stands out. Furthermore, this return is well protected through its growing distributable cash flows.

It projects a 5-7% growth in distributable cash flows for the medium term, which indicates that it could continue to increase its dividend in the coming years. Also, strong energy demand bodes well for growth and will likely support your finances and payments.

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