10 Unimportant Book Scenes That Reddit Users Loved

The Harry Potter Fans love the movies, but many would agree that they miss out on some of the most special scenes from the books. These scenes include casual moments in the Gryffindor common room, mealtime banter, interaction with teachers, and other normal day-to-day moments at Hogwarts school. They capture the best of the characters and are the reason fans dream of attending Hogwarts.

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Since movies only have time to focus on the scenes that are important to the story, it’s easy to forget that the main characters are kids who attend school and live regular, often joyful lives. redditor loki0501 A discussion started about some of these special moments, and other Redditors were itching to stroll down memory lane with these special (but largely unimportant) book scenes.


McGonagall’s hatred of fortune telling

Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts.

After the first time Trelawney predicted Harry’s death in Prisoner of AzkabanAll the third year Gryffindors were feeling a bit uneasy, especially Harry. While she was in Transfiguration class, Professor McGonagall noticed that something was wrong with her students. Once they explained what had happened, she laughed at the situation.

This was Redditor loki0501’s favorite little moment, commenting on how McGonagall had jokingly told Harry that he didn’t”[have] Turn in your homework if you die.” McGonagall’s humor was part of what made her a great teacher, and seeing her in her class was part of the charm of the books.

Harry dating Ginny

A split image showing Ginny on the left and Harry on the right from Harry Potter

After almost an entire school year of struggling with their feelings, Harry and Ginny finally started dating (and without their scenes of the Harry Potter movies that made the public tremble). This period was great for Harry, who described his time with Ginny as moments in someone else’s life.

redditor potterandpittiesHarry and Ginny’s favorite little moment was when they were hanging out with Ron and Hermione in the common room. Ginny was sitting on the floor leaning on Harry’s legs, joking because the other girls in school were asking if Harry had a tattoo. “It’s a time of peace and normalcy,” said this Redditor, stating that it was “nice to see them get a chance to be kids.”

Harry stays in the leaky cauldron

Harry Potter's Leaky Cauldron

In Prisoner of Azkaban, after Harry accidentally blows up his aunt, he spends the remaining three weeks of the summer at The Leaky Cauldron. Most of that time was spent alone, and it was one of the most enjoyable summers Harry had had thus far.

This was Redditor United-Inspection-65Harry’s favorite little moment, which he specifically cites when Harry was doing “homework while eating ice cream” in Diagon Alley, as well as hanging out and building relationships with the shopkeepers. Overall, this was such a happy moment of independence for Harry that readers just enjoyed it.

Harry and Ron doing homework

Hermione frowning at Ron and Harry, who are studying at Harry Potter.

Harry, Ron and Hermione spent countless hours in the Gryffindor common room. They joked around, watched people, and did their homework. But whatever they did, the scenes that took place here were fan favorites.

redditor kayd12364 she remembered the moment Harry and Ron had rolled on the floor laughing as they made lurid predictions of death for their Divination homework that they hoped would please Trelawney. Meanwhile, Hermione rolled her eyes with a faint smile from behind her books. With all pressure Harry faced over his DestinyScenes where he just has fun are always appreciated.

The long flight to Hogwarts

Chamber of Secrets

kayd12364 I also enjoyed the scene where Harry and Ron flew to Hogwarts after missing the train. Although this happens in Chamber of Secrets movie, the actual long journey is considerably less dramatic than Harry almost falling on the Hogwarts express.

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The two begin to have the time of their lives, congratulating each other on their genius plan. However, they soon become “hungry and bored”, realizing that their plan may not have been very well thought out after all. The moment was perfect for two 12-year-olds and made the readers laugh a lot.

McGonagall’s Shared Cookies

McGonagall talking to Harry with her hand on his shoulder from Harry Potter

McGonagall is one of the nicest Hogwarts professors and, surprisingly, one of the toughest and best duelists Harry Potter Serie. She can be harsh with her students, but she always has a clear sense of justice, which comes through very clearly when Dolores Umbridge starts stirring up trouble.

In a specific scene, fondly remembered by Redditor PebbleishMish, Harry is sent to McGonagall’s office for “yelling at Umbridge”. After telling her what happened, McGonagall simply sighs and offers Harry some cookies. This moment cemented McGonagall as the best teacher at Hogwarts, as fans knew immediately that McGonagall hated Umbridge as much as everyone else.

Harry and Hermione gossiping

Harry tells Hermione that he is the Chosen One.

In Half-Blood Prince, Ron and Hermione are at loggerheads after an argument, and Harry is forced to bounce back and forth between them. In one scene, when Harry is with Hermione in the library, the two are scolded by Madam Pince, leading Harry to make quiet jokes about how he always thought Pince and Mr. Filch had a secret affair.

redditor Don’t_ask_my_name favored this endearing scene because it showed that Harry was still just a kid rather than “Harry ‘always-dealing-with-bigger-problems’ Potter”. Since Harry often carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, it was good for the audience to see a normal high school moment.

Celebrating Teddy’s birth

Deathly Hallows it had a lot more adult themes than the previous books, but still had its share of heartwarming moments. An example is when Lupine appeared at Shell Cottage to announce that his son, Teddy, had just been born.

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The crew celebrated with cheers and drinks, welcoming the excuse to forget all their troubles. Reddit Castie479 He especially liked that Lupine asked Harry to be Teddy’s godfather, saying that it was “clear how much he meant to Harry”. This would be the last time Harry would spend time with Lupine before his death, and it was a great memory for Harry and the readers.

Harry’s 17th Birthday Gift

Harry held his 17th birthday party at the Weasley house and was deeply moved when Mrs. Weasley presented him with a watch that had belonged to his brother Fabian. She explained that it was tradition for a wizard to receive a watch when he came of age, and the fact that she thought of passing the watch on to her late brother was extremely touching.

Harry had inherited a fortune from his parents, so he didn’t need any shiny new gifts. A family heirloom from the people who had treated it as their own was much more valuable. redditor Bowright-Smith loves this moment and added that it got even better when, later, Harry looks at this same clock “when he’s waving his kids off for school” in the epilogue.

Lee Jordan’s Quidditch Commentary

Lee Jordan was best friends with Fred and George and had proven to be just as resourceful. Until he graduated, he always did the commentary for Quidditch games. The films included Lee in the earlier films, but never included him teasing him or McGonagall scolding him in the background.

redditor the dark lord310780 he felt that Lee’s comment “enhanced the experience of reading about the match” by adding some humor. Plus, she created a perfect way for readers to know what was going on, while still watching Harry’s internal dialogue.

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