10 Comic Book Romances Fans Hated

Romance has been a staple in comics since its inception, ever since lois laneflirtations with the iconic superhero, Superman. Over the course of nearly a century, the comics industry has also tried romances that just didn’t sit well with fans.

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Comic books have an enthusiastic fandom, and few things spark an active fandom more than romance. “Shipping” has gone from being an obscure term in fanfiction circles to a part of the cultural lexicon for good reason: fans will always have strong opinions about which characters should and shouldn’t connect.

10 Superman and Wonder Woman horrified both of their fan bases

Virtually everyone with even the slightest knowledge of pop culture will have the same answer to the question, “Who is Superman’s partner?” Everyone knows that Lois Lane is Superman’s one true love. So when DC announced Superman and Wonder Woman would be an article new 52, the fans worried a lot.

Superman and Wonder Woman had always been a model of platonic friendship in comics. The two respected each other and worked well together. The choice to bring them together seemed arbitrary on DC’s part. Fortunately, Superman and Lois got back together as of Renaissance.

9 Agent 355 deserved better than Yorick.

The Science Fiction Epic of Brian K. Vaughn Y: the last man, with art by Pia Guerra, it was incredibly progressive work in the 2000s. More than a decade later, some things don’t hold up. Agent 355 was one of the strongest and best-written women in comics at the time, but her love confession to Yorick in the penultimate issue tainted the series for many readers.

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Agent 355 had clearly become the hero of the book, with Yorick more of a sidekick. He had a brief relationship with Dr. Leslie Mann, a couple that many fans liked. However, while 355 never tolerated Yorick’s immaturity and impulsiveness throughout the entire series, he suddenly seemed to lose his independent persona and became a tragic last-minute love interest.

8 Of all the Kitty Pryde romances, the one with Pete Wisdom is probably the worst.

Fans of the beloved series. Excalibur, created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davies, often advises newcomers to stop reading once Davies leaves the series. Following Davies’ departure, Warren Ellis picks up the series. Ellis’s career has its defenders, but few will defend his decision to put a teenage Kate Pryde in a relationship with the much older secret agent, Pete Wisdom.

Kate Pryde fans generally shun any love interest other than Magik, Colossus, or Rachel Summers. Pete Wisdom couldn’t be more different than those three characters, feeling more like Marvel’s answer to John Constantine. Ellis claims that he did not know that Kitty Pryde was supposed to be a teenager during her run in Excaliburbut their relationship is terrible even without the age difference.

7 A clone of Lex Luthor dated a clone of Supergirl

the story of how lex luthorreborn into a younger version of his own body, he began dating a supergirl clone it’s complicated enough to break even the most knowledgeable comics scholars. Unless readers catch up on all the “Triangle Years” books, Lex Luthor appears to be dating Supergirl.

However, even in context, the relationship turned out to be an insult to Supergirl fans and to the heroine herself. Luthor treated the cloned version of Supergirl as if she were a lesser being. She had little free will of her own, and shops of her described her less intelligently than the original Supergirl.

6 Colossus cheated on Kitty Pryde, a woman he barely knew

The original secret wars saw the most popular heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe square off on a distant planet by the omnipotent Beyonder. During the war, Colossus and the Human Torch he competed for the affections of the alien healer, Zsaji.

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Although Colossus does not speak Zsaji’s language, he falls in love with her and breaks up with Kitty Pryde once he returns to Earth, despite the fact that Zsaji died resurrecting his fellow superheroes. After his immature crush on Zsaji and Kitty’s betrayal, many fans turned against Colossus.

Like most writers choose to ignore Professor Xthe secret desires of gray jeans early X Men comics, the budding relationship between Betsy Braddock and Doug Ramsey through new mutants Y X Men fortunately it was never explored. Betsy Braddock never specified her age in X Men or in captain britainwhere she is originally from.

However, the writers clearly wrote and drew her to be an adult while Doug was still a teenager. Louise Simonson took over new mutants and killed off Doug Ramsey due to his unpopularity with readers. Meanwhile, Chris Claremont sent the X-Men to a secret life in Australia. Psylocke’s crush on Doug Ramsey was never referenced, and most readers pretended it never happened.

4 Magneto and Rogue got together before the end of the world

age of apocalypse it holds up pretty well for a comic arc written in 1995, but it still divides fans for marrying Rogue and Magneto. The romance unfolds off-panel, as the story jumps from Apocalypse’s initial attack on America to the bleak future many years later.

Rogue and Magneto’s potential romance piqued readers’ interest when the two found themselves trapped together in the Savage Land a few years earlier. Apocalypse, but actually putting the two together and giving them a child was a step too far for some. Gambit had already emerged as her clear favorite among Rogue’s potential love interests, so pairing her up with Magneto turned out to be a surprising change of direction.

3 Tommy Monaghan’s last romance was the worst

DC’s cult classic series Hitman by Garth Ennis, with art by John McCrea, has one of the best endings in comic book history. However, the sudden romance that forms between Tommy Monaghan and Kathryn McAllister, the tough CIA agent, comes out of nowhere.

Kathryn’s dedication to law and order clashes with Tommy’s contempt for authority of any kind, but Kathryn becomes his reluctant ally in taking down a corrupt CIA. The two connect and begin a romance with very little build-up compared to the series’ well-written relationships.

two Marvel apologized for creating the Marcus/Carol Danvers story

avengers Issue #200 became so infamous that Marvel apologized for its existence. In that, captain marvel (passing by Ms. Marvel at the time) became mysteriously pregnant. The pregnancy was quick, and the newborn quickly aged into a grown man named Marcus. Now that he’s grown up, Marcus sexually assaulted Carol, thus becoming her own father.

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Making the issue more egregious than it already was, the story apparently featured Carol becoming attracted to her son and going into space with him, something the other Avengers even encouraged. Chris Claremont broached the subject a year later in Avengers Annual #10, with art by Michael Golden. Bringing Carol back from space, Claremont reconfigured her love for Marcus as hypnotism and gave Carol the opportunity to reprimand her teammates for allowing the entire incident to take place.

1 Trouble tried to get Spider-Man’s parents back

Mark Millar might be the most polarizing writer in comics. While he wrote epics like Superman: Red Son, he also wrote hated comics like Dear, the not funnyY Problem. The latter title became especially infamous for its implications for the Marvel Universe. Problem followed a pair of teenagers named Mary and May who were working at a Long Island resort, where they met brothers Richie and Ben.

May and Ben have sex while Mary refuses to have sex with Richie. Frustrated, Richie sleeps with May and gets her pregnant. The twist is that Ben and May are Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben and Aunt May, meaning that May has secretly been Spider-Man’s real mother all along. Absolutely no one sees this story as canon.

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